Your house needs insulation, but which type?

Come on in, educate yourself about the insulation products and services that are available today. There are many choices, but they aren’t really complicated once you know a few basic facts. Along the way I’ll give you bits of my experience in the building science industry so you can choose the best insulation for your home. Those tips, like the one that follows, will be highlighted in green. My first tip: there is no perfect product or system, they all have strengths and weaknesses.

On this site you'll explore:

1. Types of insulation by r-value, air tightness, and cost

2. Insulated windows, doors, and skylights

3. Common locations for insulation

4. Common areas that get overlooked and the failures they cause

5. The basic principles of heat transfer in a home

6. Ways to see your house or house plan in the same way that heat does

My years in the industry have taught me that there is no single right way to insulate a house. People, just like you, want to know about the options.